THIS H5 Pro is an innovative fingerprint card access controller which fully integrates fingerprint and RFID technology. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on door frame. T5 Pro has standard Wiegand output to connect seamlessly with access controllers and relay output driver the electric lock driectly. T5 Pro can easily update the existing card readers for higher security level of fingerprint and card.



this  is the fingerprint & RFID time attendance and access control system designed for medium to large size businesses. It integrates color LCD, keypad, optical fingerprint sensor, card reader and access control components. Graphic user interface allows C3 to display all languages in the world. The Ipod style design makes C3 much more attractive than ordinary products. Meanwhile, the stability and speed can be ensured. Optional Mifare card reader is specially designed for the existing card users and higher security level. In addition, with unique status button, users can have great convenience to manage complicated custom-defined job code or time attendance status in practical situation. C3 is a perfect combination of appearance outside and performance inside.
This is a unique fingerprint lock for every home and office. The latest Anviz fingerprint algorithm makes door open in one second after finger touch. With its simple design, enrollment can be done within 5 seconds. The unique card reader design provides great convenience for the elder and young family members as well as office staff who have cards already. Reversible handle feature can fully meet the DIY installation requirement. Furthermore, L1000 utilizes TI chip of low power consumption to ensure 5000 times of door open for 4 AA batteries. Special temporary enrollment feature makes it extremely simple for visitor management
| USB Fingerprint Reader OA99 is a USB fingerprint reader designed for use with Anviz fingerprint terminals or developer software. OA99 fingerprint reader utilizes optical fingerprint scanner which is scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.



● Voltage:12/24V DC● Working current: 500/250mA● Holding force: 170 kg (400 LBS)

● Weight: 1.8 kg

● Size: 253*25*48 mm


● Voltage:12/24V DC● Working cerrent:1000/500mA● Holding force:270kg (650 LBS)

● Weight:3.6kg

● Size:506*25*48 mm


2200mAH high capacity Li-ion batteryIntegerate backup battery Reliable and convenienCharge time: <4.0H

DC 5V/12V (optional)

Discharge time: ≥3.0+0.5H


.Weight: 0.07KGSize: 80*80mm
AIM is a software platform available for Anviz all products including time and attendance, access control, smart lock and distributed access controller etc. It provides remote control, network manage and mobile solutions for different user